Healthy Digestion

How Purition can support digestion & improve gut health

The digestive system (and gut) plays a major role in your health and wellbeing. It breaks down the food you eat into nutrients that your body can use for energy, growth and repair. Your gut impacts not only your immune system, but even your mood and mental health.

Here’s how Purition can help you to ‘eat for your gut’ and promote healthy digestion.

Made from nutritious whole foods

Eating more whole foods, but fewer processed foods, is key to healthy digestion. Eating a diverse range of plant foods leads to a more diverse gut microbiome – and that’s a good thing!

Whole foods also contain nutrients in the right ratios, which makes them easier for your body to digest and absorb. On the flip side, ultra-processed foods and shakes are harder to digest and can lead to bloating, constipation, lethargy and brain fog.

High in soluble & insoluble fibre

Fibre keeps you regular and fuller for longer. It helps food move through your digestive system, which promotes regular bowel movements and prevents constipation. Fibre also increases the diversity of your gut flora, which supports digestion and all aspects of your health.

An added bonus? Due to the soluble fibre content, Purition will keep you fuller for longer and less likely to reach for processed foods, which are associated with weight gain and poor gut health.

Contains protein, but not too much

Your body uses protein to build digestive enzymes, which help to break down the food that you eat. Protein also helps your intestines to function at their best.

Excessive protein can have a negative effect on the digestive system. When your gut ferments excess protein, the gut bacteria release chemicals that can increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer.

Purition (with milk or yoghurt) typically provides 20-25g of protein per serving, which is perfectly in line with health authority recommendations.

Rich in natural vitamins & minerals

These essential micronutrients not only support your general health, but are also highly beneficial for digestion:

Iron has been shown to support the beneficial bacteria in our microbiome
Zinc supports healthy digestion through digestive enzyme production
Selenium has been linked to improved gut response to inflammation
Vitamin B3 is important for a multitude of digestive tract functions
Vitamin B6 is needed for the digestive system to process protein
Magnesium helps to minimise inflammation in the gut

Easy to digest & IBS friendly

Purition is easy to digest and won't cause bloating. It's naturally high in fibre but low in sugar, which can help to clear out bad gut bacteria whilst feeding good gut bacteria. Over time, this can help to improve the symptoms of IBS.

Purition is also:

Gluten-free: We batch test and our results are always under 5 parts per million
Low FODMAP: All Purition flavors (bar Pistachio) are low FODMAP friendly
Ultra-low lactose: Our whey protein is triple-filtered to remove the lactose, making it much easier on the stomach

Ready to get started?

Purition simply makes it easier to be healthier and eat better.

One simple shake per day supports better long-term health, using whole food ingredients that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Get started by ordering a few samples. There's no minimum order and no subscription necessary.

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Support gut health and healthy digestion with natural whole foods

Only crushed, chopped or left whole, but never refined or powdered.

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Nourish your whole body

Better health starts with changing your diet. The benefits of whole foods impact your whole body to find out more click below...

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Nourish your whole body

Better health starts with changing your diet. The benefits of whole foods impact your whole body. To find out more, click below...

See all benefits