A small, nutrient rich first meal of the day for when you're fasting 

Stir Purition into yoghurt, blend to make a shake or mix with hot water
for instant porridge

  • Made with minimally processed whole foods
  • High in protein, fibre & healthy fats
  • Ultra-low in sugar & carbohydrates
  • No food additives or artificial ingredients
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Person in kitchen preparing a Purition whole food meal shake that's suitable for fasting, IF, 5:2, 16/8.

The original whole food nutrition shake

Fasting or food abstinence sounds like such a gloomy undertaking and yet Purition, in tandem with some intermittent fasting, is a great way for health conscious souls to achieve their weight loss goals. 

We loved the idea of beginning the day with a milkshake, however when we rooted around, we were unable to unearth any healthy offerings made with all-natural ingredients.

In 2012, we took the decision that the only way we were going to get our hands on tasty, nutritionally-dense shakes was to make our own, which might sound a little extreme, and yet, here we are, a few years down the line, growing rather nicely.

Our shakes are well-suited to anyone considering an intermittent fasting diet


Means that from Monday to Friday we eat our evening meals around 7pm and then don’t eat again for 16 hours. 

Such an eating schedule means we hold off from eating breakfast until 11am and yet this small sacrifice to our daily eating regimes means we can not only tuck into our evening meals but eat whatever we want at the weekend.


If 5:2 intermittent fasting is your thing, Purition provides a quick, handy and most importantly healthy, 250 calorie small meal pit stop.  

Purition is big on nutrition and low in carbs, the perfect light liquid ‘graze’ when you just don’t want to think about food.

Person, about to break the fast, pouring a whole food Purition smoothie

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14 servings for 14 days 

We created Purition to help us make life that little bit easier – and healthier. We know that making small, positive changes to diet and lifestyle are the easiest to sustain. So if you are looking to make change, then you should at least try Purition. Start with a Discovery Box or 2 and try all the flavours.

A mix of 6 x 40g Original sample sachets as part of a trial Discovery Box

Original made with 70% seeds and nuts, plus whey (most popular)

Pick your own flavours today, with 14+ natural, nutritious flavours

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A mix of 6 x 40g Vegan sample sachets as part of a trial Discovery Box

Vegan made with 70% seeds and nuts, plus plant protein blend

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Ingredient proud

Here at Purition we raid nature’s larder for any number of tasty, whole food ingredients: ground almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, whole chia, sesame seeds & ground, golden linseeds (flax), to name but a few…

But we’re not finished yet because we also track down best-in-class botanicals like cocoa (chocolate), whole ground vanilla pods, spices or even some freeze-dried fruits, to give our shakes a little more flavourful depth.

At this point our work is done! It’s now over to you to add 200ml of milk or nut milk to your favourite Purition flavour before giving it a quick whizz in your blender to activate all the natural goodness. 

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Small bowls of Purition's whole food ingredients (seeds and nuts) used in our fasting meal shakes.
Diagonal narrow stripes of 7 colourful seeds and nuts used to make Purition; sesame seeds, flaxseed, coconut, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds & sunflower kernels.

We believe in hard-working real food

We believe the best nutrition comes from a well-balanced selection of top notch ingredients. 

Our finicky, ‘less is more’ approach means that we only pick nutrient-dense nuts and seeds operating at the top of their game, in conjunction with a simple protein source. 

We’ve no time for any lazy, half-hearted fillers, which is why we only work with a dozen or so hard-working, naturally healthy ingredients. 


All of our products are naturally HIGH in protein and healthy fats, yet LOW in sugar & carbs.

  • FILLING Our deliciously distinct blend of nutrients will help keep you full between meals without mischievously raising blood/sugar levels.
  • HIGH IN FIBRE Essential for good gut health and digestion.
  • NATURAL Made from ‘real,’ flavoursome ingredients that are jam-packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals (and no synthetic nasties).
  • FREE FROM We’re well and truly free-from: wheat, gluten, grains, preservatives, gums, fillers, powdered oils, flavourings, artificial sweeteners, synthetic vitamins and minerals. 
  • NO ADDED SUGAR Purition contains absolutely no added sugar or artificial sweetener, is not sweet, yet remains low in carbohydrates.
  • PORTION CONTROL A handy yet compact 200 calorie meal made from top drawer, high quality, all-natural ingredients.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY Check for allergens but Purition is food not a supplement so suitable for anyone at any life stage.
  • PLANT BASED Purition Original is 75% plant based, 25% whey protein from British milk and 100% vegetarian. Purition Dairy Free is 100% plant based and certified vegan.
  • MADE BY US Proudly produced in our own factory in small, thoughtful batches. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, regain your health or simply support a healthier lifestyle, Purition can help make a healthier living agenda more appetizing and less of a grind.

How to prepare Purition

  • Blend 40–50g Purition with 200–250ml of milk or nut milk to make a smoothie
  • Stir 40–50g Purition into 125g of yoghurt
  • Mix 40-50g Purition in a bowl with a splash of hot water or warm milk to make instant porridge

We believe in real food

We believe the best nutrition comes from high quality whole food ingredients. Our blends are made from nutrient-dense nuts and seeds with a simple protein source. That’s it. We use just a dozen or so ingredients, all of which are recognisable, naturally healthy and good for you.