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Purition’s large bags give you nearly 2 weeks of delicious, nutritious meals each. Only 200 calories per serving, with 16g of protein, 12g of fat and bundles of essential nutrients and fibre.

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We recommend trying samples before buying larger, 500g bags.

Start by swapping your first meal of the day for a week with Purition. Feel the whole food difference.

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10+ million meals sold

We're helping people around the country feel healthier every day.

Making healthy eating easy.

If you want to feel healthier, be healthier or lose weight, you need to eat less processed food. It’s not always easy in such a busy world, but Purition can do the work for you. A nutritious whole food meal that’s minimally processed and ready in no time at all.

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Eat healthily. Easily.

Get the results you want by eating healthily and consistently, with Purition. An instant meal, whenever you need it, with tons of natural nutrition.

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Real food. No additives.

Full of everything your body needs. Free from everything it doesn’t. No chemicals, no artificial sweeteners or flavourings, no junk.

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Purition is suitable for all diets and a great option for coeliacs. It’s also soy-free, ultra-low in lactose and good for diabetics, too.

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Have energy for hours.

The perfect balance of protein, healthy fats and fibre from whole foods to give you long-lasting energy and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Limited Edition!
Peach & Apricot

Limited Edition
Peach & Apricot

These golden stone fruits are packed with beta-carotene for healthy vision and memory, as well as anthocyanins that aid overall brain function.

Every serving packs a major nutritional punch: 27% of your daily vitamin E, 87% of your daily thiamine (vitamin B1) and 22% of your daily magnesium, all from natural whole foods.

Protein, healthy fats & lots of fibre, with zero junk or additives.

Purition is a solution we made for ourselves. To be at our healthiest, we knew we needed to eat natural whole foods, consistently. With busy jobs and hectic schedules, it was hard to find the time to cook every meal from scratch. 

That’s why we made Purition. It’s a whole food meal, instantly, without all the faff. Loaded with protein, healthy fats and heaps of naturally-occurring vitamins, it’ll keep you full for hours and make it so much easier to stay on track.

BenefitPuritionOther meal
High protein
Low calorie
Quick to prepare
Gluten freeSometimes
Low sugar & starch
High fibre
Natural, wholefood ingredients
British & European ingredients
Free from preservatives
Free from synthetic ingredients
Tabletop with pots of Purition's whole food ingredients.

The finest wholefood ingredients from where they're grown. Better tasting. Fresher. More nutritious

That’s things like pumpkin seeds from Northern Greece, where they’ve been grown for generations. Sunflower seeds from the fields of France. Or chia seeds and golden linseed from British farms. The list goes on.

There are no cheap imports or powdered junk at Purition. We only use real food ingredients from trees and fields, not science labs or factories.

Because nothing beats whole foods and the natural goodness that they contain when it comes to good health.

We're not a powder. We're a fine chop!

Most companies refine their ingredients down into a powder that dissolves in water. This destroys all of the natural nutrition, which is why they have to add synthetic vitamins back in.

We don’t go further than a fine chop, because we care about your health. Purition is made and textured with seeds and nuts – it’s crunchy – and we’re proud of that, because that’s where all the goodness is!

For you, that means heaps of vitamins, nourishing fats, fibre and protein from real foods, not chemicals, in every shake.

Small pots of Purition's whole food nutrition blend. In strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.
Single serving sachet of Purition's Bestselling flavour Macadamia and Vanilla with a shake made up, with pots of seeds of nuts and whole vanilla pods.

Making healthy eating as simple as we can, one meal at a time

The key to feeling healthy or maintaining a healthy weight is consistency. But that requires a lot of shopping, planning and prep. It’s hard, time-consuming and can be expensive.

Purition makes it so much easier. If you eat 3 small meals a day, and one of them is Purition, that’s 33% of the work already done for you. You’ll still enjoy a healthy meal, but have more time left in the day to do the things you enjoy.

Natural flavouring from 100% natural sources. Nothing artificial.

Our natural flavours are all plant derived, natural flavouring substances. We use NO artificial or chemical flavouring.

A great example is Orange Oil. It's extracted from the rind of the sweet orange by 'cold pressing', which uses pressure to squeeze the oils from the rind. Natural, delicious, flavouring.

All of the natural flavours we use have been authorised as safe by the European Food Standards, but if you'd still like to avoid them, we do have products that are free of any natural flavouring.

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We prioritise British and European-grown whole foods and protein ingredients. Many come directly from fields and farms we know, some of which are exclusive to us. This costs us more, but it’s all part of our mission to produce the best, most nutritious products imaginable.

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