How many calories per shake/serving?

Before adding milk or yoghurt, a 40g serving of Purition contains around 200 calories. A 50g serving contains around 250 calories.

The calories per serving varies slightly between flavours. You can find the full nutritional data for each flavour by clicking here.

Wondering how many calories per serving with milk or yoghurt? It varies considerably depending on your chosen mixer, but here are a few example combinations:

Mac & Vanilla + 200ml whole milk: 330 calories
Mac & Vanilla + 200ml semi-skimmed milk: 298 calories
Mac & Vanilla + 150g Greek style yoghurt: 355 calories

Vegan Vanilla + 200ml Oatly Whole: 302 calories 
Vegan Vanilla + 200ml Alpro Almond No Sugars: 214 calories
Vegan Vanilla + 150g Koko coconut yoghurt: 306 calories

For a full list of flavour and mixer calorie content, check out our guide on the blog.