LIMITED EDITION! Orange & Cranberry

Enjoy festive flavour again this winter with our seasonal Limited Edition Orange & Cranberry for 2023!

This wholesome fruity flavour is gently flavoured with freeze-dried orange and bittersweet cranberries.

Paired with all the goodness from our classic whole food recipe, it'll keep your taste buds happy - and body healthy - this season!

NEW Purition Orange & Cranberry - a brand new flavour for winter 2022 and our best ever flavour to mix with yoghurt!

This wholesome fruity flavour is flavoured with zesty freeze-dried orange and bittersweet cranberries.

Paired with all the goodness from our classic whole food recipe, it’ll keep your taste buds happy - and body healthy - this winter!

Vegetarian or vegan

High Protein

High Fibre

Low Sugar

Carbs per servings



Made in the UK

About Purition Orange & Cranberry

Made with freeze-dried orange & bittersweet cranberries

This classic combo of winter fruits is more than just delicious.

Both cranberries & oranges are loaded with antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of disease.

And they’re 2 of the best fruity sources of vitamin C, an immunity-supporting antioxidant.

Protein, fibre & natural fats, with absolutely nothing artificial

Whether you want better energy levels, better digestion or better weight management, it all starts with good nutrition – and Purition makes that easy.

With healthy fats, protein, fibre and naturally-occurring vitamins, it’s rich in everything your body needs, but free from everything it doesn’t.

That means no artificial sweeteners or flavours, no additives and absolutely no added sugar.

Fruity Orange & Cranberry yoghurt bowl


  • 40g Purition Orange & Cranberry
  • 120g Greek-style yoghurt 
  • Optional orange slices & fresh cranberries


Put the yoghurt in a bowl and add 40g Purition. Give it a good stir through. Top with a few slices of fresh orange and some cranberries, if you have them!

Try these Orange & Cranberry serving suggestions!

Simple smoothie: Blend 40g Purition with 250ml milk - almond milk works well with this flavour!

Winter porridge bowl: Put 40g Purition in a bowl. Add a dash of hot milk or water and stir well. Why not top with fresh orange or chopped nuts?

Healthy snack: Pulse 40g Purition, 1 cup nuts, 1 cup pitted dates in a blender. Add a dash of water/milk and roll into balls. Leave to set in the fridge.

40g =  1 sachet / 4 very heaped teaspoons / 4 scoops

Made with premium whole foods

Only the highest quality British, & European ingredients we’d give to our family and friends. Made without shortcuts or compromise.

Ingredients & Nutritional Data

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“Not only does it save me money on my weekly shop, but I lost 2 lbs over Christmas and New Year. I will say, for me, it is a super food. Stopped me eating mindlessly over the 14 day holiday period. My skin has improved dramatically and when I work out, I never get that drained feeling anymore."

Shane, Verified Purition Customer

Serving suggestions...

Orange & Cranberry breakfast shake

Orange & Cranberry instant porridge

Orange & Cranberry
protein balls

Orange & Cranberry
yoghurt bowl

Orange & Cranberry