How I use Purition for keto

Purition coconut made into a smoothie with added fresh raspberries for a Keto meal shake.

Keto – or the ketogenic diet to use its full name – has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as more people have been drawn to the low carb, higher fat approach for weight-loss. 

When it comes to keto, the idea is that the body will use fat (instead of calories coming from carbs) as its main source of fuel, breaking it down into ketones in a process referred to as ketosis.

Our top tips for a keto diet

  • Limit carbohydrates – keep net carbohydrates below 20-50g a day.
  • Don’t restrict fibre it may actually be beneficial for ketosis (think leafy greens and veg grown above the ground!).
  • Eat enough natural fat to feel satisfied – but be careful not to overeat.
  • Eat a moderate amount of protein – keto is not intended to be a high protein diet.
  • Move more – add exercise if you can. Any kind of physical activity while on low carb can increase ketone levels.
  • Sleep and relax – Get a good 7-8 hours if you can. Sleep deprivation and stress can raise blood sugar levels, slowing ketosis. 
  • No need for supplements – Stick with simple, real food – whether that be a well-balanced meal, a wholefood shake like Purition or even better, a mix of both.  

Sue's keto story

For many, the idea of cutting out carbs can sound a little daunting. But the keto diet is backed by a growing number of health professionals and is not as restrictive as some might think. 

Don’t take our word for it though. Purition customer Sue Ibrahim has lost an impressive 4 stone over the last 6 months by following the keto diet, whilst improving her overall health and wellbeing.

“I don’t consider that I am on a diet at all. I am eating well. My plate is always full and the food I am eating satisfies my hunger. I do not miss those stodgy carbohydrates at all now”

Sue always thought she was eating a healthy, balanced diet. She would start the day with a bowl of cereal and a splash of skimmed milk, accompanied by a glass of fresh orange juice. Lunch normally consisted of fresh wholemeal bread and a low fat spread, perhaps with some tuna and sweetcorn or ham and cheese. Then for supper – meat, two veg and a portion of either potatoes, rice or pasta followed by a fresh fruit salad. 

Throughout the day, she might have four cups of ground coffee with skimmed milk, enjoy some wine in the evening and would then end the day with a cup of low calorie hot chocolate and a cheeky bar of chocolate. Despite her best efforts, Sue found that she was putting on weigh. By June 2019, she was at her heaviest. Her brain felt foggy and she had began to notice her mood deteriorate.

Something needed to change – and after a bit of research, Sue came across a group of doctors in the USA, Canada and UK that were challenging common dietary advice. She decided to follow their recommendation and reduced her carbohydrates to 20g a day, whilst increasing healthy fats.

Sue found it relatively easy removing the sugary orange juice and fruit salad from her diet, but what really worried her was the thought of cutting out all those lovely starchy carbs – the cereal, the wholemeal bread, the potatoes, pasta and rice.

“I tried a few processed keto meal replacement diet shakes but these always tasted far too sweet. That is when I discovered Purition.”       

How Sue uses Purition for weight-loss

Sue started to replace her cereal with a glass of Purition made with either almond or hazelnut milk. This took her total carb intake down to just 3g at breakfast.

She would have another glass of Purition for lunch and then grilled steak, chicken or other protein in the evening with a portion of green vegetables on the side. Cauliflower mash or roasted cauliflower with parmesan cheese now replaced the potatoes, rice and pasta and Sue would then enjoy a generous portion of camembert cheese instead of her old fruit salad.

“I lost 2 stone in eight weeks. I was never hungry”

Within a week of cutting carbs down to 20g a day and replacing breakfast and lunch with Purition, Sue could already notice the difference. Her brain fog had cleared, her depression had subsided and soon she would start to feel the weight dropping off. She no longer felt hungry and even found she could push her Purition breakfast back to later in the day because she was still full from her evening meal the night before.

Sue's research also revealed that many specialists recommending a ketogenic diet were also recommending intermittent fasting as a healthy way of eating, so she decided to give this a go too.

She now follows a 20:4 eating regime alongside her keto diet. This means she fasts between the hours of 6pm to 2pm the following day, drinking only water and a black coffee in the morning. At 2pm, she breaks her fast with Purition and finishes with an evening meal between 5-6pm.

“Purition certainly continues to be a part of my daily, healthy, way of life. By varying the flavours, I never get bored and I continue to lose weight. So far, I have now lost over 4 stone and I have never felt better.”

Sue no longer misses the stodgy, beige carbs from her old diet – far from it! Her plate is always full with the food she loves; and her days of feeling hungry or lacking in energy are long gone. For her, keto isn’t a ‘diet’, but a way of life that has enabled other positive behaviours such as exercise and enjoying playtime time with her young grandson.

Does she crave chocolate – yes, occasionally – but why jeopardize feeling healthy and well by falling back into old habits?

"I now go swimming twice a week. My skin looks healthier and everyone says that I look 15 years younger. Why would I want to risk that?"

Sue's top keto tips

I would urge anyone that is struggling to lose weight to try the low carb, high fat diet.

If you can’t cut the carbs down to 20g a day to start with, then do it gently. Cut them down to less than 100g a day at first, then slowly reduce them. Eat three low carb meals a day at first like I did. Consider, using Purition to replace your breakfast and/or lunch – make a keto smoothie!

Eat larger portions to keep your hunger at bay for longer. Drink plenty of water! And just watch the weight fall off!

Find out more about using Purition on a keto or low-carb diet.

Have a health or weight loss story you'd like to share? Whatever your goals and motivation, we’d love to hear from you – please email with a brief intro to yourself and your experience and include your contact details.


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