Let's work together

Back in 2012, we started Purition with a simple mission: to help people eat more whole foods for better long-term health. 10 years and over 10 million shakes since Purition was born, we're excited to supercharge our reach by collaborating with likeminded influencers and content creators!

Your brief

We'll send you a Discovery Box with 12 sachets of Purition to unbox on camera. We'd love it if you could then use the sachets to create a series of content that shows your audience:

  • How you incorporate Purition into your daily routine
  • How Purition helps you to reach your health & fitness goals
  • Why you like Purition and what makes it stands out over other brands
  • How versatile Purition is – think shakes, yoghurt bowls, porridge, smoothie bowls...

We're not looking for perfection, we're looking for authenticity! Ultimately, nobody knows your audience better than you, so please talk freely, come up with new ideas and make content that feels authentic to you – we're open to hearing your ideas.

You'll also get a unique discount code that'll give your followers £5 off their first order over £20, with free shipping. We can also provide you with an affiliate link and an extra Discovery Box to use in a giveaway, if you'd like them.

If this feels like something you'd be interested in, please email us at collaborate@purition.co.uk with your media pack/rates.

About us & what we stand for

Since day one, we've put the health of both people & planet at the heart of everything we do.

That means using better ingredients, sourced from the goodness of nature, not the processes of a factory. It means better nutrition – protein, fibre, healthy fats and vitamins from whole foods, not synthetics. 

And it means our business is better for the planet, with locally-sourced UK & EU ingredients and zero waste, 100% recyclable packaging options.

We're authentically used, and backed, by doctors & nutritionists

Powered by premium whole foods

We're the only product of our kind made in the UK with fresh, natural, whole food ingredients – and we'd love for you to shout out about it!

Think sunflower seeds, flax, pumpkin seeds, almonds, coconut, sesame seeds and chia seeds, simply chopped or ground at our Shropshire HQ.

Ingredients & Nutritional Data

Not another fake shake. Purition is the better shake.

Better ingredients

Chia, pumpkin seeds, almonds… ingredients from nature, not factories.

Better nutrition

Protein, fibre, healthy fats & naturally-occurring vitamins from real food, not synthetics.

Better sourcing

Ingredients from fields and farms we know, sourced as locally as possible.

Better for your health

Whole foods are key to sustainable weight loss and better long-term health.

Better support

Free health & nutrition guidance for all customers  from our in-house nutritionist.

Better for the planet

Zero plastic options, zero food waste, carbon neutral delivery & made with renewable energy.

Suitable for any audience. Any age. Any gender. Any lifestyle.

Purition is for everyone and every goal.

For many, it's simply a tool to help them eat better. For some, it's a quick & healthy breakfast or lunch. And for others, it's a healthier, more natural protein shake.

And because it's gluten-free, low in sugar, vegetarian or vegan, low-carb & keto friendly and suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding, it's suitable for almost everyone.

So no matter what your audience's lifestyle, goals and dietary needs, we're pretty sure they'll love it.

What would you like to know about Purition?

What to do next...

Like the sound of what we do? We'd love to collaborate with you on a paid campaign!

Please send us an email us on collaborate@purition.co.uk with your media pack/rates, social media handles and any ideas you may have in addition to the brief above.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a Zoom call to get to know us a little more, just ask!

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