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“Purition, a whole food nutrition product to be used alongside your healthy lifestyle. All the ingredients are natural, unprocessed, no additives, no added sugar and no flavourings, just real foods blended. Of course, at first, I was curious and thinking there must be more to these products, but after looking at the ingredients they really are all natural.

And that's saying something compared to other protein powder products. They even provide soy free vegetarian options or dairy free vegan sources of protein. All the products are gluten free, high in protein and fibre, low in sugar and have natural fats all less than 200 calories per 40g serving! So, what’s the catch, right?! Well… there isn’t one.

Getting started

I've recently been trying to cut down on processed protein like, whey, bars and prepared drinks as I find that they don’t actually agree with me that well.

I wanted to try something more natural and get my protein from whole food ingredients, instead of chemicals and false products. I came across Purition and I loved their whole vibe instantly. Whole foods, simple ingredients, no additives or chemicals in sight!

I was wary about flavours as I've always just stuck with chocolate, but I wanted to see what else they have up their sleeve. So, late November, I ordered a discovery box of 6 x 40g sachets, which came a few days later.

Finding my flavour

Now, as I mentioned before, I’ve always been one to stick with chocolate protein powder as I prefer the taste and it fixes my chocolate craving, so was a bit dubious to try the other flavours of Strawberry, Almond, Pistachio, Coconut and Macadamia and Vanilla. However, let me tell you, I was impressed.

Of course, the Cocoa flavour was my favourite. It was the first one I tried and I had it with my overnight oats. It was rich, packed with flavour, a 9/10 for sure! Before I carry on, I just want to mention that all the flavours mixed really well with my oats, I didn’t have a problem with lumps and no powdery taste either!

Next up was Almond, solid 8/10! Again, the flavour was definitely nutty but not overpowering, if you like nutty flavours I’d recommend this for sure! I had this again with overnight oats and usually I add peanut butter, but I didn’t this time as I wanted to get the full flavour of the Almond protein powder, and I’m glad I didn’t add the peanut butter (for a change), as it would have ruined the almond taste!

Who likes Coconut?! I was very wary of this flavour, not sure why as I like coconut, but i didn’t want it to be overly powerful and as a powder form i was just unsure. However! The flavour was amazing! Another 8/10 from me, it was the right amount of coconut, the smell was amazing too! It’s in my top 3 so I mean, that’s enough reassurance!

So, the last 3 flavours are my least favourite, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great or you guys wouldn’t like them. Macadamia and Vanilla, a pretty standard flavour, I usually mix my vanilla protein powders in a smoothie with bananas, agave, cocoa etc, but again I wanted to get the exact flavour of this particular protein powder as I’d never tried it before. I mean, it was nutty and very subtle.

Pistachio! Now I didn’t like these nuts for a long time, but now my palette is more grown up, kinda, they are one of my favourite nuts! Again, the flavour was just very subtle, I don’t really have much to rave about this particular flavour.

I’m not a fan of strawberry protein powder, never have been, I just think it’s too sweet and a tad sickly. I gave this flavour a 5/10. I didn’t want to mix it with my porridge because I felt like strawberry oats would be kinda odd, so I mixed it with yoghurt, and it mixed well, no lumps again, I’m just not a lover, again, personal preference. If you like strawberry protein powder, you will probably like this as it doesn’t taste chemically like other strawberry protein powders and does taste very natural!

Graphic of 5 Purition Original bags

How I use Purition

For my healthy balanced lifestyle, I would use these powders as an extra protein source in either my oats, smoothies, yogurts, baking etc, I wouldn’t use them as a ‘meal replacement’, I don’t believe in meal replacements. Just the word makes me nervous.

There's no need to not eat a meal and drink a shake instead. Don’t get me wrong, these powders have lots of vitamins and are all natural ingredients, but why not just eat some strawberries or coconut? Or use it within a smoothie adding more healthy ingredients. I’m not sure if they are suggesting to just drink a shake, they do show recipes for smoothies etc which yes, if you are on the go and don’t have time to eat a proper meal, then yes I think the option is a great idea!

I think a selection sachet box is always a huge bonus especially when you have never tried the products before.

Thanks for your honest and personal review Vikki. It’s a great read!

Find out more about using Purition to support an active lifestyle.

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