How I use Purition to help me lose weight

Jane Saxon in red jacket with dog by lake

If you think it is hard to cut down on calories, imagine how difficult it must be for Jane Saxon. As the owner and chef of Moresby Hall, a guest house in the Lake District, she prepares meals for her guests daily. And while those meals are fresh and wholesome, they are the kind of food you allow yourself without guilt on holiday: a full English, pastries, cakes, and perhaps a traditional three-course dinner. Unlike her guests and the rest of us, Jane is immersed in temptation. Every. Single. Day.

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While her job makes it difficult to resist extra calories, a medical issue with her foot made it painful to exercise. While she needed surgery to correct the issue, she put it off for years because she worried that if it went wrong she would be unable to perform her work. The calories added up, as did the pounds, until Jane’s weight eventually reached 214 pounds.

Last year she finally relented and had the surgery, which was a success. After years of limited mobility, Jane could walk without pain. With her foot better, a milestone birthday approaching and the birth of her first grandson, Jane decided to get serious about losing the weight.

Like so many of us, Jane had tried several diets in the past only to have the weight return. They were either too restrictive (600 calories a day!), boring or just plain silly. All were unsustainable.

This time she decided to “throw everything [she] could muster” at losing the weight. Determined, focused and wiser from her previous attempts, Jane created a multi-prong plan that works for her.

Her ambitious goal is to lose 74 pounds in one year and in just over three months, she’s well on her way! Jane has already lost more than a third of the excess weight – 30 pounds – which is a consistent loss of about two pounds a week. And she feels better, “I feel absolutely fantastic. I woke up and thought to myself I don’t ache or feel pain in my joints.”  

So how does she do it?

Jane made several smaller changes that all added up to big weight loss. Here’s her strategy:  

  • One Purition shake a day
  • Healthy eating and smaller portions
  • Limit total calories to 1300/day
  • Limit sugar to just fruit
  • A glass of fermented tea each morning
  • Exercise: dancing, yoga and longer walks
  • Flexibility: if she wants to eat something she will and then compensate later

Jane has Purition for breakfast and sometimes for lunch or a snack. It offers her natural nutrition, convenience, satiety and variety. “What I like is the simplicity of it. I bang it in my blender with almond or soya milk for lower calories and pour. And it’s lovely.” 

The nuts, seeds and whey in Purition provide 16 grams of protein, which keep Jane satisfied for hours. “It is a proper and true meal replacement. After a shake, I’m not hungry for hours.” And with just one gram of sugar (from whole food ingredients), Purition fits into her low sugar diet. After 6-8 weeks Jane said she no longer craves the sugary food she once did, which makes it much easier to pass on her biscuits and lemon tart.

Unlike other diet shakes she has used, Jane has not tired of Purition. The day we spoke she had blended Pistachio Purition with avocado. Other days she has our Special Edition Blackcurrant with blueberries or strawberries. While she says she likes all the original flavours, when pressed she said chocolate was her favourite. As she says, “After more than 100 shakes, I haven’t started to experiment with the endless possibilities.”

Looking ahead to when she reaches her goal (and we have no doubt that she will), Jane plans to continue using Purition. When she needs a boost she will perhaps have two shakes a day on three days of the week. “It’s there, I don’t have to think about it, I like the taste and it’s good for me. It just works.”

Jane also used My Fitness Pal app to track calories consumed and activity.

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