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Meet Becky, also known as The Lifestyle Blogger UK, who is passionate about fitness and healthy living. When she’s not glued to her computer, you’ll find her working hard in the gym or rustling up various nutritious recipes.

For Becky, a healthy lifestyle starts with food, so it was great to have her review Purition while discussing the importance of protein in our diets

Over to you Becky…

The importance of protein

Until I started my fitness journey – for real, I never really thought much about the nutrition side of it and how important it was to make sure I was eating the right foods. I just loved to exercise, especially swimming and cycling, and didn’t really consider what I needed to be putting into my body to help it repair and re-energise afterwards.

Then, when I started going to the gym last year lifting heavy weights, I started being told more and more how muscles are created in the kitchen, not the gym (to an extent). OK so you might lift heavy weights and think you’re crushing your workouts, but if you aren’t eating the right foods, you will never hit your body’s full potential. For instance, did you know for every pound you weigh, you should be eating 1gram of protein?

If you aren’t giving your body the fuel it needs to grow muscle, you won’t really see that much difference, and your results will be slow. Plus, you’ll probably end up quitting because you just don’t have the energy to continue at that rate without the proper nutrition.

My go-to protein powder

There are so many amazing…and not so amazing protein powders available these days, in varying flavours and types of protein – from pea and hemp protein to the more traditional whey protein.

One new brand to me and one I have been really enjoying sampling is Purition who have created a range of nutritional protein shakes made with whole food ingredients.

They have flavours such as – Chai Latte and Coffee & Walnut, along with some more traditional flavours like Chocolate and Strawberry. They can come in 500g bags or, if you aren’t sure what flavour you might like, they also have individual 40g samples.

Pile of Purition protein powder sachets

The Discovery Box is definitely the option I would go for if you are new to the brand and aren’t sure what might be right for you.

The individual sachets are great because you just empty the packet into a mixer, add the milk of your choice and any other items – a banana perhaps, mix it up and you’re good to go! You don’t even have to add anything, you can just have it as it is so it’s great for on the go.

Plus, they aren’t just for people who go to the gym, they are also for people who want to live a healthier life or who maybe don’t get to eat as well as they should.

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