Post natal depression & nutrition

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As a new mum (or dad for that matter), it’s often easy to forget about you and your needs.

Your daily goals are so focused on caring for your new bundle of joy – feeding, changing nappies and showering them with cuddles and affection that you forfeit your own health and wellbeing.

Taking a bath becomes a luxury, as does getting more than two hours solid sleep a night; and as for eating – well, you’re lucky if you manage to get through a cup of tea, let alone an entire meal before your little one is in need of something!

So this week, we're supporting PANDAS Foundation (Pre and Post Natal Depression Advice and Support) by helping to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition in early motherhood.

Post natal nutrition

For many, becoming a new mum can trigger the start of many bad habits – skipping meals, eating junk food, sugar cravings and caffeine overloading. Longer term, this can lead to weight problems, fluctuations in mood swings and sometimes mental illness.

And whilst we all know that we should pay particular attention to our post natal diet when you’re sleep deprived and exhausted, finding the time is difficult and making the effort can be even harder.

That’s why here at Purition, we think our products are the perfect fit for new mothers. Not only are our wholefood shakes really quick and easy to prepare (you can do them one handed if you’re really struggling), but they are packed full of natural nutty goodness giving you lots of energy to manage your new life as a mum.

Post natal depression

One in 10 new mothers each year will suffer from post natal depression, but still it remains a relatively unspoken about form of mental illness.

Eating well during the first few months of having a new born is essential to maintain high energy levels, but it’s even more important to eat well if you’re experiencing postnatal depression.

Fuelling your body with the right foods regularly is one of the best and easiest steps to take to help your recovery. Making sure you eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates essential fats and protein will prevent dips in blood sugar levels and therefore help to prevent the feelings of depression and anxiety getting worse.

Ditching processed foods and those high in sugar and replacing them with natural foods like vegetables, nuts and seeds is a great starting point.

The internet is littered with easy, quick recipes but sometimes even a five minute recipe can seem overwhelming when you’re feeling low and tired. That’s why Purition can help give you a healthy and natural boost.

Seeking help

If you’ve already been diagnosed with postnatal depression or suspect you may be experiencing symptoms, then you can seek support from charity PANDAS, where you'll get the help you need.

In the meantime, take time out to analyse your diet and work out if you can improve the nutritional value of your meals and snacks. If you think Purition may be help to help, please get in touch.

If you would like to donate to PANDAS (Pre & Post Natal Depression Advice and Support) to help them support sufferers of perinatal mental illnesses please text PANDAS £3, £5 or £10 to 70660 or visit their website for donations or further information and support.

Texts cost donation amount plus network charge. PANDAS Foundation receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer’s permission. Customer care 01691 664275 Charity No 1149485.


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