Negative charge water helps weight loss!

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Over the years, there have been numerous April Fools hoaxes that have caught the attention of the nation. When we looked, it was amazing how many of these related to food, diet and exercise!

In 2000, the Daily Mail reported on a new brand of socks designed to help people lose weight. ‘FatSox’ promised to soak up sweat from your feet, which you could then just wash away – helping you to lose weight. Obviously the socks didn’t work much to the disappointment of many potential customers who asked for the price!

Weight loss water: too good to be true?

It sounded too good to be true in 2004 – and it was. A stunt by Yorkshire water hit the headlines when they claimed they had found a revolutionary new treatment that gave tap water a negative charge that would attract positive fat cells in the body when drunk. Over 10,000 people called in to ask about having the special treatment tap installed in their homes.

Then there was the ‘Fat Squad’ leader who appeared on a famous American morning television show, where he told viewers of a new team of ex-military commandoes who were helping dieters by physically restraining fat people to keep them from breaking their diets! It was however a hoax on both the TV show and their viewers.

And then there are the stories, which are so bizarre, that you could be easily fooled in to thinking that they were pranks. In 2014, the Sun reported on an amazing new fitness craze which had been linked to massive weight loss – Morris Dancing! Showing a weighty Mr Landon, they told readers how by cutting out pies and alcohol and taking up the traditional British folk dance as a hobby, he had lost over 14st.

Although seemingly far-fetched, it was 100% true. Although these make for funny reading, it shows how open we all are to food related myths and ruses. But they also go to show that there really is no miracle cure and as Mr Landon proved, the solution is simple, no tricks, no illusions – just eat healthily and take moderate exercise. A message at the forefront of everything we do at Purition.


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