Is Purition raw?

In the kitchen; A group of 7 glass jars containing all the seeds and nuts used to make Purition: sesame seeds, flaxseed, coconut, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds & sunflower kernels.

Sadly, there is no legal definition of raw, but to us and any raw food enthusiast, raw means that your bean, nut or seed will sprout. As Purition contains 70% seeds and nuts, we decided to test our raw credentials!

We took a handful of each of our whole seeds and nuts ingredients and planted them...

What is raw food?

First to sprout was our pot of chia seeds in around 3 days. Our linseeds have also just started to sprout, as have the sunflower seeds. We’re also confident our fabulously fresh greek pumpkin seeds will be next… watch this space. 

Using the best raw ingredients is important to us because it’s good for you and that’s what get’s us up in the morning. All of our ingredients (except coconuts) come to us whole. We then delicately grind or chop them (without adding heat), just moments before blending and packing to send out to our customers.

If you buy from us directly, you’ll often receive product that has been made and despatched on the same day, so you know it’s super fresh.

Next time you order, why not check the best before date and subtract 12 months to find out when it was made?


The making of Purition

Is Purition organic?

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