Is Purition a meal replacement?

Purition is a nourishing, real food and healthier alternative to meal replacement products and protein shakes to help you slim down and shape up the natural way.

The whole food alternative to meal replacements

Purition isn’t a meal replacement – it’s a meal upgrade!

It’s made from nourishing whole foods and is ready in 30 seconds, for all the convenience of a meal replacement shake, without all the junk.

Our ingredients, grown in fields across the UK, Europe and California, are sent to us as a whole seed or nut. We then carefully crush, chop, grind and blend our ingredients literally moments before packing them up and shipping.

We’ll be honest, we don’t make Purition to taste great (although we think it does). We just want you to get great results and hooked on the way it makes you feel rather than hooked on the taste or flavor.

That’s why we don’t add sugar or make Purition sweet. Purition will feed your body with the nutrients it needs, whilst helping you to avoid sugar and starch because you will not be hungry between meals.

After all, a truly healthy start to the day helps making healthy decisions throughout the day so much easier!

Take the stress out of healthy eating

Free your mind from the last 40 years of dietary misinformation.

There are no complex diet plans to follow, no meetings to attend, no calories to count and no special frozen foods to buy.

Our wholefood nutrition drinks make the process of achieving your goals so much easier. There’s no special shopping, no food preparation and no cooking. You don’t even have to think about healthy eating or dieting!

If you’re using Purition for breakfast and/or lunch, you’ll automatically be eating less sugar and fewer refined carbohydrates, leaving you full and satisfied between meals.

The easiest way to get started is with one of our Discovery Boxes. That’s enough for one shake a day for the next twelve days, so you can choose your favorite flavor and experience how the real food in Purition is going to make you feel.

14 different flavours

Creamy banana. Real cocoa with a rich chocolate flavour. Refreshing strawberry & more. What will be your favorite?

  • No minimum orders
  • No subscription
  • No shipping charges
  • No hassle

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