Can you really have a healthy Easter?

Photo of colourful, sugar coated mini eggs.

Looking for ways to stay on track over the long Easter weekend that don’t involve indulging in cake, chocolate eggs, and hot cross buns? Here are a few ideas:

Remember, it’s all about balance and enjoying the holiday weekend without completely derailing your health goals. Have fun and Happy Easter! 

1. Stick to 2 or 3 nutritious meals a day 

And still enjoy your lunch on Easter Sunday - with all the trimmings. Remember, one or two, even three or four meals out of twelve (over the Easter weekend) won't derail your progress. You can refer to the visual guide on our blog post for tips on making every meal count.

2. If you have a sweet tooth but prefer a less sugary dessert...

 You could try chocolate covered strawberries instead… Melt some 70% dark chocolate, dip in, or drizzle over, some strawberries and allow to set. Such a treat!

3. Be mindful of alcohol consumption and snacking

Check out this blog post where we created a helpful, visual guide to help you make better choices and stay on track during the weekend.

4. Boost your mood with some springtime activities

Enjoy a bracing Spring walk, or treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of daffodils or colourful tulips! Getting outside and enjoying the beauty of the season can give you a natural dopamine boost.

A plate of chocolate covered strawberries
Spring bunch of daffodils and tulips


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