LIMITED EDITION! Purition Chai Latte

Status: This limited edition flavour is not available at present. All customers will be notified once available again.

Rediscover the traditional aromatics of Chai Latte. Our take on the sweet ‘n’ spicy Indian favourite is back by popular demand.

We’ve infused the finest chai spices into our signature whole food blend for a warm, fragrant and aromatic kick with every sip. 

Lovingly made with cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon and cloves to soothe, refresh and rejuvenate.

Vegetarian or vegan

High Protein

High Fibre

Low Sugar

Carbs per servings



Made in the UK

All about Chai Latte

Made with authentic Indian spices

Inspired by the aromatic tea served in India, the authentic spices in Purition Chai Latte have been used to promote health and wellbeing for thousands of years.

Both ginger and nutmeg boast anti-inflammatory power, while cardamom is believed to support healthy digestion. Cloves are a rich source of manganese and contain the highest antioxidant content of any spice on earth.

Purition Chai Latte is infused with real spices in their purest form, so that you can truly benefit from the warming taste and goodness of each authentic ingredient.

The healthier way to enjoy Chai Latte

Did you know that coffee shop chai drinks contain upwards of 25g sugar? With just 1.1g sugar and a subtly sweet and creamy taste, Purition is the healthier way to enjoy a Chai Latte.

It’s made with our signature real food blend of seeds and nuts and triple-filtered whey or plant protein, plus the finest chai spices.

High in protein, fibre and healthy fats, but low in sugar and starchy carbs. Try it as a healthy breakfast, a small anytime meal or a natural chai latte protein shake!

Chai Latte serving suggestions

Chilled chai shake: Blend 200ml of your favourite chilled milk with 40g Chai Latte. Add in a couple of ice cubes if you like yours iced.

Chai yoghurt bowl: Stir 40g Chai Latte into 120g yoghurt. Why not sprinkle with a little extra cinnamon?

Instant porridge: Add a dash of hot water or milk to 40g Chai Latte. Stir and add more liquid until you reach your desired consistency.

Need a little extra sweetness? Add a dash of honey or maple/agave syrup to taste!

40g = 4 heaped teaspoons | 10g = 1 heaped teaspoon

Serving suggestions...

Chai Latte breakfast shake

Chai Latte instant porridge

Chai Latte protein

Chai Latte smoothie bowl

Chai Latte pudding

Purition is a delight! An inspiration, meeting all my expectations, tastes glorious and simply love the Chai flavour!! Got my first large bags order and Purition a confirmed part of my life- routine has never been so interesting. Thank you x

Heather, Verified Purition Customer