Keto made easy

A nutrient-rich, low-carb, high-fat meal, ready in under 30 seconds. Enjoy the benefits of the keto diet, without all the work.

  • Only 2-4g net carbs per serving
  • Plus 12g fat, 16g protein & 8g fibre
  • Minimal prep, no cooking
  • Keto shake, yogurt bowl or instant oatmeal
  • Made with fresh seeds and nuts

A healthy keto meal, ready instantly

✔ Perfect keto macros

High fat, moderate protein, low in carbs and sugar.

✔ Have more energy

Packed with slow-digesting nutrients for sustained energy.

✔ Improve gut health

Extra fibre feeds good bacteria to support a healthy gut.

✔ Save time

A convenient keto meal, ready in under 30 seconds.

✔ Save money

Keto meals for as little as $2.41 each. Cheaper than a cup of coffee.

✔ Fuller for longer

Chock full of nourishing whole foods that curb hunger and cravings.

No fillers. No chemicals. No artificial sweeteners. No synthetic nutrients.

Unlike most other keto shakes, Purition is made with whole foods.

A blend of golden linseed, sunflower kernels, almonds, coconut, chia, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. Boosted with a quality protein source and a little extra fibre to support healthy digestion.

We make keto weight-loss easy, without sacrificing ingredient quality.

Naturally nutritious keto meals made with fresh, sustainable ingredients

All of our keto meal ingredients come straight from where they naturally grow.

Pumpkin seeds from Northern Greece, where they’ve been grown for generations. Sunflower seeds from the fields of France. Or chia seeds and golden linseed from British farms. The list goes on.

NEW to Purition?

We recommend trying a mixed sample box of 12 flavors before buying the larger bags.

  • No minimum orders
  • No subscription
  • No shipping charges
  • No hassle

Tips for using Purition on a keto diet

Blend it for a keto shake

Blend with 200ml milk (or try it with a mix of cream & water) for a delicious and nutritious keto shake.

Tip: Blend in a few berries for extra natural sweetness.

Mix it for a keto yoghurt bowl

Mix with 125g of yoghurt for a creamy and crunchy yoghurt bowl.

Tip: Top with nuts, seeds, berries or flaked coconut for even more flavour.

Stir it for a quick keto porridge

Stir a dash of hot milk or water into Purition for a thick and satisfying low-carb porridge.

Tip: Stir in some chopped nuts and seeds to add a crunchy bite.

What would you like to know about Purition?

An easy low-carb meal for keto newbies

By eating fewer carbs, a moderate amount of protein and plenty of fat, your body will burn fat, rather than carbs, for energy.

The result? Healthy weight loss. And without the sugar crashes that come with eating high-carb meals, you’ll feel fuller and have more energy in the process.

If you’re new to keto, start by having Purition for breakfast or lunch. Every serving contains the nourishing balance of essential fats, protein and fibre you need to kickstart keto, stay satisfied and avoid the temptation to overeat.

Not ready to commit to keto? With minimal carbs and maximum nutrition, Purition suits all kinds of low-carb, Mediterranean and weight-loss diets.