How To Build Muscle and Get Stronger. Healthily.

Sweat the gym. Don’t sweat your diet.

Regular load-bearing exercise will trigger your body to build muscle and make you stronger, but diet is equally important. Hitting the gym without adequately fuelling your body will leave you fatigued, demoralised and short of your goals.

Follow these two key steps to start building muscle quickly and efficiently.

Ensure every meal contains 16-20g of protein.

Purition contains at least 16g-20g of protein per serving.

✓ Protein is required to repair and build muscle after exercise

✓ Your body can only use around 20g of protein per meal.

Breakfast and lunch often fall short on protein, but it can be difficult to find quick and convenient protein sources to add to them. That’s where Purition comes in.With 16-20g of protein per serving, plus additional protein from milk or yoghurt used to prepare it, it’s an easy way to get the protein you need.Replacing a less nutritious or lower protein meal with Purition will help to support your strength training and muscle growth. Use daily or anytime you need a quick and healthy breakfast or lunch.

Consume a minimally processed whole food (real food) diet.

Purition is made from whole foods.

✓ A whole food diet naturally provides essential nutrients and energy you need to support exercise

✓ A whole food diet will also provide the mental clarity to keep you motivated.

Nutritionists and health professionals agree that eating whole foods is key to a healthy diet. You'll get more vitamins, minerals, fibre, healthy fats and protein, which means you'll feel your best, have more energy to train and get the results you want, faster.Purition is made from minimally processed whole foods, unlike other protein powders that are ultra processed powders. That’s whole, ground or chopped seeds and nuts, plus a little extra vegetarian or vegan protein to support your protein needs.

Who is this information for?

This information is appropriate for most people within a normal weight range or wanting to be in a normal weight range. If you have any questions or would like more help, please call one of our nutritionists on 01743 444 397.

Need help or not making the progress you expected?

Get a free Nutrition Consultation that suits your muscle building goals.

Muscle building is reliant on the right kind of exercise and specific traits such as medical history, gender, genetics, lifestyle and activity levels. What works for someone else might not work for you. Why not talk to our nutritionist to find out more on 01743 444 397?

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