Why isn't the flavour strong or sweet?

We are proudly a 'nutrition first' brand. We use real food to flavour our products, without artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

Ultra-sweet protein shakes are designed to taste nice and keep you coming back for more. But we made Purition with a different goal in mind: to help you achieve your best ever health and make a meaningful dietary change.

Our flavours are real. We use natural food ingredients to flavour gently – for example, our strawberry option contains 8% freeze-dried strawberries, with no artificial strawberry flavourings. Most 'strawberry flavoured' things don't contain any real strawberries at all.

It can take time to get used to the subtle flavour of whole foods, but stick with it and you’ll see that Purition is naturally tasty without artificial extras.

To add extra natural sweetness, blend in a third of frozen banana, some frozen berries or a teaspoon of vanilla extract.