Don't like the texture of Purition?

We sometimes hear people say that they don’t like the texture or find Purition ‘gritty’. But it’s the texture or ‘gritty bits’ that makes Purition healthy – because it’s the ‘bits’ that contain the natural nutrients!

We don’t try to hide the texture by adding gums and powdered oils to manipulate the mouth feel. Purition is simply made with seeds and nuts.

Tips to help you adjust

You can change the taste and texture of Purition easily. There are lots of ways to naturally make your Purition sweeter, thicker, thinner or more flavourful to suit you:

  • Add ice
  • Add a small chunk of frozen banana
  • Add a handful of berries to your blender
  • Add some honey or maple syrup
  • Add a tsp of cinnamon
  • Use less / more liquid

But honestly, just have Purition 3 or 4 times and you’ll soon appreciate the natural flavour and texture – and all that goodness going in!

1000’s of health conscious customers use Purition every day to help them improve the diet for better long term health outcomes.

Top 3 ways to prepare Purition

Only tried Purition as a shake? It’s worth experimenting with our other serving suggestions!

  • Blend with your favourite milk and drink straight away
  • Stir through a serving of plain/Greek/coconut yogurt
  • Add a splash of hot boiled water or milk and mix well to make an instant porridge

Healthy habits take time but you’ll soon learn to love Purition!

Stick with it to see how amazing natural whole foods can make you feel. It still amazes us how just a 40g serving of Purition can keep you full for 4 or 5 hours – that’s really efficient nutrition!

14 different flavours

Creamy banana. Real cocoa with a rich chocolate flavour. Refreshing strawberry & more. What will be your favorite?

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  • No subscription
  • No shipping charges
  • No hassle

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