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Vegan protein powders - a healthy dose of B.S.

Purition20 Jul 2017

Here at Purition we totally respect the life choices of vegans. In fact we make a fabulous vegan product especially for our amazing vegan friends although sadly it won’t be available in the US until next year!

It’s for this reason we are concerned about those non-vegans who are either using or considering using a vegan protein powder.

Our concerns centre around how highly refined some vegan protein powders are and the fact that the ingredients are often grown in countries you wouldn’t choose to pick your greens from.

It’s our opinion here at Purition that vegan protein powders are not compatible with 'clean eating ideas'.

And here’s why. The sad truth is very few of the vegan protein powder companies disclose where they are getting their vegan proteins from.

When this is the case we would bet our bottom dollar every time that they have been imported from China – not necessarily the image you have in mind when you’re purchasing organic plant based protein is it?

It’s for this reason our raw vegan Purition is made with 60% seeds and nuts and 40% organic hemp protein grown in Europe where we can keep an eye on it!

Secondly even so called high protein vegetables like peas and hemp only contain around 6% protein in the field.

This means if you are using a vegan protein which is 80% protein you need to be aware how highly refined and processed it is and just how much agriculture and energy is used in it's production.

It takes huge amounts of precious resources to grow plants for protein powder and that uses vast amounts of land, water and energy to grow, harvest, process and refine.

Also we question what is left other than protein after all that processing? We don’t think there is very much natural nutrition left which is why we don't recommend vegan protein powders for non-vegans.

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