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Multi-level marketing

Purition20 Jul 2017

Call it pyramid selling, direct selling or multi-level marketing, the only person who benefits is the person who sold it to the person that sold it to you and so on – you get the picture?

It works for cosmetics because of their low cost of production and high perceived value but it's not good for nutritional products because this is stuff you put in your body and what you put in your body needs to be of the highest possible quality.

Multi-level marketing products have to be extremely low cost to produce in order for everyone in the pyramid or scheme to take a share of the sale.

There is no getting away from this fact. But just take a look at the ingredients (if you can find them) and ask yourself honestly how can milk powder, soy protein, starch, sugar and a whole bunch of artificial ingredients help you achieve your goals?

You now have a choice – you can either buy a really low quality, poor value for money protein shake product from a multi-level marketing company and someone (possibly a friend of yours) who knows very little about biology and human nutrition or you can buy (for about the same price) Purition which is made with REAL FOOD ingredients even your grandma would recognize.

Many cheap protein powders are sold by people looking to make a quick buck because their friend has told them how much money they can make by investing in their first batch of stock to re-sell.

The standard sales technique employed is guilt. You are encouraged to sell to your friends and family but in our experience it's the fastest way to lose your friends.

The way you make real money is by persuading others to sell the product, there is little or no profit to be made from selling the actual product itself.

Our view is that most re-sellers are selling junk products which have no real nutritional value and we estimate that our cost ingredients alone are 25x more.

So if you’re looking for a way to increase your protein intake then why not opt for a high quality, natural product such as Purition. You can buy from us directly and as experts in the field we can guarantee our products will have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

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