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Why we don’t use soy protein

Purition20 Jul 2017

Here at Purition we do not use any genetically modified organisms (GMO) in our products.

We get asked frequently why we do not use soy protein in our smoothie blends and our answer to this is because research suggests that a very high percentage of soybeans used to make soy protein are genetically modified. Frankly this puts us off.

Here at Purition we strive to use quality, wholesome ingredients in our products. Preferably this means raw ingredients that you can pluck from the ground and eat right away. Therefore anything that has been chemically engineered or had its genes tinkered with just does not fit the bill.

We're also concerned about the research that surrounds soy.   While studies have shown positive effects of soy, others have suggested negative outcomes to soy consumption.   Until the research settles down to a consensus, we are not willing to bring our blends into the debate.

For all these reasons we continue to produce our wholefood shakes using whey protein from grass fed cows in the UK where it rains a lot and the grass is juicy and lush all year round!

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