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Doing it the right Whey

Purition20 Jul 2017

Here at Purition we use a small amount of whey protein to increase the overall protein content you get in our shakes. Half of the protein comes from seeds and nuts, the other half comes from British whey protein isolate.

That’s a very good ingredient… for you.

As you have probably heard, it rains a lot in England. The grass grows almost year round, so British cows graze happily all year on grass or silage (fermented grass). When winter light levels fade to reduce nutrients in their diet they of course receive additional feed.

Even better, here are things you probably didn't know. Growth hormones (rBGH) were banned in the UK in the 1970’s so you don’t need to worry about those. No GM crops are currently grown commercially in Britain, so you don’t need to worry about that either. British cows are not routinely injected with antibiotics – or any other chemicals. The average UK dairy herd is just 200 cows (no giant American-style feedlots) and many dairy farmers know their cows by name, not by barcode number

Our whey comes from the cheesemaking process. When the casein and whey (milk proteins) are separated to make cheese, liquid whey is filtered off and sent for micro-filtration and spray drying. Our whey is triple filtered which is what makes it an isolate, with higher protein and no lactose.

We could use cheaper proteins if we were careless. But we aren’t, so we don’t.

If you are dairy intolerant or following a paleo or reduced dairy diet please be assured that Purition made with a tiny amount of whey protein (the equivalent to a lick of ice cream) will not upset your stomach and will only enhance your healthy diet.

Purition: 70% seeds and nuts, 30% whey protein, the best, most easily digested protein, pure and simple.

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