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    We're always talking about how good our shakes are for you. Now you can see what real ingredients go into Purition.
  • Our ingredients

    Purition is made from whole foods and we make the ingredients list easy to find because we want you to know what you are eating or drinking. 70% of what is in the bag are whole seeds and nuts that we chop or grind (without adding heat) moments before mixing...
  • Purition: Why?

    Purition is a real food alternative to meal replacement products and protein shakes to help you slim down and shape up the natural way. And when we say natural – we really mean it. Our ingredients, grown in fields across Europe and California, are sent to us as a whole...
  • Our facility

    Purition HQ is based not quite a million miles away but far enough from the US in a small town in Shropshire in the UK. We are located on site at an enterprise centre and we are surrounded by other small scale food production units. It’s a unique home for...
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